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Fig & Dove Easter Basket Stuffers

by Caeli Boatner 0 comments
We did the shopping, so you can do the stuffing! Whether you’re the giver or the receiver, we've broken down our bunny-approved baskets to simplify your Easter gifting. 

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Tulip Basket

Overflowing with tulips and finished with a tasteful bow, this basket is filled with a little bit of everything, creating the perfect Fig & Dove Easter Basket. Shop this Basket
  • Fresh Tulips (designer tip – we styled these in our small Fluted Ruffle Vase)
  • Lauren Dunn Blue Everlasting Love Acrylic Cross
  • Lauren Dunn Cross Notecards
  • Medium Blue/Green Acrylic Butterfly
  • Jewels Collection Bar Soap
  • Wreath Ties by Luciana Emilia

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Rosa Basket

With our Riley Sheehey Rosa Pink ribbon, this basket is stuffed with bright colors and chic pieces any bunny would love! Shop this Basket
  • Rosa Pink Riley Sheehey Ribbon
  • Chica Tumbler
  • Lauren Dunn Glorify Angel Notecards
  • Lauren Dunn Kathleen Acrylic Angel

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Cora B. Gallery Basket

Perfect for display as seasonal décor or gifting, the focal point of this basket is our exclusive hand-painted Cora B. Galley eggs. Shop this Basket
  • Lilium Riley Sheehey Ribbon
  • Hand Painted Easter Eggs by Cora B. Gallery - set of three
  • Small Green Acrylic Butterfly

Hop to it and shop our full Basket Stuffer Collection!

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Fig & Dove Easter Basket Stuffers
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Fig & Dove Easter Basket Stuffers
Fig & Dove Easter Basket Stuffers
Fig & Dove Easter Basket Stuffers
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